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HD Video Balun UTP 1 Pair Set - Security System Store

HD Video Balun UTP 1 Pair Set

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Video Baluns | UTP Balun

CCTV video baluns, also known as UTP baluns, allow traditional coax cable to be replaced by category 5 and other forms of twisted pair wire in CCTV video camera & surveillance installations. Video baluns allow installers to use more cost effective structured cabling techniques to wire security cameras. By using video baluns, UTP wire such as cat-5 can be run over longer distances easier than coax cable and for less money. Active balun transceivers enable UTP wires for cameras to be run distances up to 5,000 feet.  If you are new to the idea of using baluns for video, CCTV Camera Pros believes that we supply the best UTP video baluns on the market.

The VB-2V BNC Balun pair features:

Comes as a Pair (Receiver & Transceiver)

BNC Passive Balun

1200 Feet Transmission Distance

Supports UTP Cat 2, 3, 4, 5e, 6; 12~24 AWG or Heavier

Compact Design with BNC ends

Cost savings by replacing costly coaxial cable

Eliminates bulkier COAX cables