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UPS Power Back-up for CCTV Cameras and DVR (Backup of 3 hours)

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ZEBRONICS ZEB-MLS750 - UPS for CCTV Cameras & DVR with Micro Load Sense system
India’s first micro load UPS. Specially made for the security and surveillance CCTV /Broadcast studio / Medical equipment
Voltage range of AC 140 - 290 V
ZEB Micro Load Sense system, processor based output load sensing feature, to sense micro power consumption devices
Backup of more than 3 hours for micro power consumption devices
Excellent microprocessor control guarantees high reliability
Advanced 3 Tier battery management system, prolongs battery life by more than 30%.
Made for extreme Indian Conditions.
Rogue Equipment Connection proof – can adapt to Generators /Inverters having poor power factor as well as obsolete square wave output.
LED & Audible alarms for instant alert signals.
Auto restart while AC is recovering
Simulated sine wave
Off-mode charging
Cold start function

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